Chicago Johnny Recipes

johnny in the kitchenTo me, Chicago is not a city limited within street boundaries nor neighborhood limits. Chicago has an eccentric culinary history that's helped us become the nation's best food city. Giardiniera & Italian Beef sandwiches developed by Italian immigrants; open pit style bbq that Mississippi Delta African Americans brought with them beginning in the early 20th century; Chicago style Gyros with tzatziki sauce & saganaki developed by Greek immigrants; deep dish & thin crust pizzas developed around a culture of loving food & drink; & one of the best modern developments in the Chicago culinary world, the Jibarito sandwich created by Juan "Peter" Figueroa in Humboldt Park. 

Chicago is not bound by living East of this street or South of that street. Chicago is gathering together for graduation parties, street fests with beer & food, grabbing a tamale from the hot dog joint or getting ribs from your favorite pizza place. Chicago is street life, live music, family & friends (which are basically family); we are a mix, a culturally & ethnically beautiful mix of people that love an excuse to get together & enjoy each other's company. That's Chicago. Oh, & also having no school on Casimir Pulaski Day.

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