What is Chicago Johnnys

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What is Chicago Johnnys? Chicago Johnny's began as a giardiniera company out of my parent's basement. I was an unemployed college graduate coming out of the 2008 market crash. My cousins, aunts, uncles, & parents spent hours slicing 10 gallons of serrano peppers, 20 pounds of carrots, 30 heads of cauliflower.... We bottled in Mason jars, filled them with oil & seasonings, & I took a gluestick to each bottle & wrapped them in home printed paper labels. I drove from small Italian market to small Italian market selling cases of homemade giardiniera out of my 1989 Volvo that was missing a muffler, had no heat, burnt out interior lighting, windows that didn't roll up, broken fuel gauge.... And now I have bottled unique condiments, incredible spice mixes, the famous Chicago Johnny's Olive Oil Giardiniera, & am still making our Italian sausage that's 4 generations old (for family and friends), a recipe I've been 'helping' make since I was about 5 years old. My aim is to make products that are showcase food from Chicagoland, & that are "Chicago Friggin' Delicious!"