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Products inspired by growing up in an Italian/Irish American Catholic family in Chicagoland, in kitchens at my mother's hip, my grandmother's side, and my great aunts' and uncles' shadows. Chicago Johnny's line is my history in the kitchen from making Italian sausage from scratch with my grandpa to every family gathering surrounded by homemade dishes listening to conversations about how those dishes were made.

About Chicago Johnny's

Make It A Chicago Dog

"Drag It T'rough Da Gahden" with Chicago Johnny's Sweet Chicago Relish, Sport Peppers, and Celery Salt! Start with a steamed poppy seed bun, t'row on a steamed, simmered, or charred all beef dog, squeeze out a squiggle of yellow mustard, then a slathering of sweet relish so neon green it hurts your eyes, a few (two, t'ree) sport peppers, some diced raw white onion, a crisp pickle spear, a couple a tomato wedges..... and a dash or two of celery salt.

The greatness of a Chicago Dog lies in the layering of repetitive flavors. Layers of repeated acid (sport peppers, mustard, pickle, sweet relish), doubling down on bite and heat (mustard, sport peppers, raw onion), and balancing of sweet sweet sweet (sweet relish, tomatoes, pickle) and freshness (tomatoes, onion, and that bright pickle). So that's my take on the Chicago Dog. Pick up a Chicago Dog gift kit for someone you love!

Chicago Dog Gift Packs
Chicago Style Hot Dog Kit
Italian Beef Chicago Kit

Italian Beef Gift Kit

Anyone that has moved away from the Chicago area has a certain sadness deep in their hearts. That sadness is the feeling that they can't go down to the corner and grab a sloppy, wet, beef sandwich on a soaked French roll dripping gravy and giardiniera oil all over their forearms as they wrestle to eat it. Take away that sadness with our Italian Beef Gift Kit. Anywhere you are in the country you'll have access to round roasts, and with our Italian Beef Gravy Seasoning you'll be able to make your own Italian Beef Sandwiches at home.

Chicago Johnnys Italian Beef Kit