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Chicago Johnny's is an extension of myself. I grew up in the kitchen, I've been experimenting with food for as long as I can remember. When I was growing up I spent my time with aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents, and anyone that was in the kitchen. I watched Emeril, Justin Wilson, Paul Prudhomme, Bobby Flay, and Tyler Florence. I read cookbooks when others were reading comics and watching football. We ate baked mostaccioli, Italian beef, Italian sausage, and fried chicken at all our summer gatherings. On Sunday's we all met up for Grandma's Sunday Gravy. Chicago Johnny's is an extension of myself in recipes, condiments, seasonings, and everything about this company. Thank you for visiting my friend!

- Johnny

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Cajun and Blackening Seasoning

Straight From My Kitchen

My seasonings are straight from my kitchen. I used many of these blends when catering and selling food at festivals and fairs. Some of these are seasoning blends that I've been making for more than a decade, tried and true.

  • Chicago Inspired Products

    From using olive oil in my giardiniera to creating sauces that inhibit Chicago barbecue, my product line is a culmination of growing up Chicagoland and my love of our food and culture.

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  • Chicago Recipes

    From Italian Beef, breaded steak, bone in pork chop sandwiches to my homemade Italian sausage, I love Chicago food. I didn't know how spoiled we are in Chicagoland until I went to college in a small town out in western Illinois. God did I miss Chicago comfort food. My recipes began to take hold when I was developing flavors that I missed from back home.

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    A True Love Of Chicago Food

    And growing up in the kitchen has culminated into what is now "Chicago Johnny's". Through this business I've been able to meet incredible people from Brian and all his knowledge of Chicago food history to Jimmy Bannos of Heaven On Seven and so many people that knew 'Old Chicago.' Through Chicago Johnny's I've been able to speak with (and become friends with) people from all backgrounds, each with their own stories, their own spin on what "Chicago" is to them, to their input and influence on me as a person. Truly a fantastic journey that has now led to a small business that allows me to help spread my love of Chicago food across the country.

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