Who Has The Best Grilling Seasonings, Spices, & Chicago Giardiniera?

You've found me! Chicago Johnny's started as a giardiniara company & has grown to include seasonings & sauces! All products are handmade in the Chicago area & are "Chicago Friggin Delicious"! 

Welcome To Chicago.

Here in Chicago we love our Giardiniera on everything. We eat it on burgers, hot dogs, the locally loved Italian Beef Sandwich, pizzas, cold cut sandwiches, pastas... Chicago Johnny's is an artisan, hand packed, giardiniera, hot sauce, & seasoning company. Everything is hand made in & around Chicago inspired by my surroundings growing up in Chicagoland. 

The perfect set for grilling & hosting your party this summer! Grab some Chicago Johnny's Hot Giardiniera, Burger Seasoning, & Dark Alley Hot Sauce to  Make your party Chicago Friggin delicious wit' Chicago's Favorite Giardiniera on your table.

Chicago Johnny's: Chicago Friggin' Delicious

Chicago food is a working man's food. We eat deep flavored, rich, hearty sandwiches loaded with condiments, because, we are also a city of toppings. We top pizzas, we top pastas, we top 'sangwiches' & we top hot dogs wit' tomatoes, pickles, neon green (and I mean neon) relish, onion, mustard, & celery seed; all of that, on a friggin' hot dog! Italian beef sandwiches are everywhere in the city, you can find a 'Beef Joint' as common as a Walgreens or Starbucks out here. And we like our food loaded wit' flavor. This 'sangwich' is a heavy gluten bread, dipped in the very gravy that the Italian beef was cooked in, topped wit' hot giardiniera, a crunchy & crisp addition to a greasy, flavor soaked beef 'sangwich.' Deep flavor for a city with hot summers & heavy winters. Chicago Johnny's is a culmination of my culinary love & history of Chicago food. All products are handmade in & around Chicago!