Chicago Thin Crust Pizza Recipe | Tavern Style Cracker Crust Pizza

Posted by Josh Downey on

This recipe was developed over two years of experimenting to get that perfect "Cracker" crust we love in our Tavern Style Pizzas in Chicago. This recipe is started with a Biga, which is a pre-ferment that gives the dough that rich depth of flavor that we all know & love! So don't be afraid to do this right.

Also, with this recipe you want to weigh your ingredients. I spent years making pizzas with inconsistent results even though I was measuring everything the same way by volume. The problem wasn't on my measurements, the problem is the inconsistency in volume of flour. So anyway, I won't rant to you about the importance of weighing your ingredients, just do it.

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chicago style thin crust cracker tavern pizza recipe



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