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Giardiniera Provolone Stuffed Meatloaf | Preview Of Giardiniera Cookbook | Recipes Of Chicago Johnnys

We're really excited to be working on the first ever Giardiniera centered cookbook! We've been experimenting with Giardiniera recipes for almost a decade now, thinking of Giardiniera as an ingredient, not just a condiment. We also utilize our spiced oil, because that's were most of our flavor comes from. Other Giardiniera is lightly seasoned vegetable (soybean) or canola oil, where ours is made purely from olive oil & we season the heck out of it. Don't let that extra flavor goodness go to waste! This is one recipe that utilizes both our giardiniera & our oil to make a spicy, well seasoned, flavorful meatloaf!

If you're not going to get to it today, print out a copy, throw it up on the fridge, & get to it in the future.

Presenting a preview recipe from our upcoming cookbook, "Giardiniera & Provolone Stuffed Meatloaf"

Best Ever Meatloaf Recipe

Click the recipe below to print out a PDF copy of the recipe!

worlds best meatloaf recipe

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