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Italian Beef Sandwiches started as a more efficient way of serving beef roasts to more people from the same roast. It's origin is highly debated (more likely just unknown, but it's Chicago so a few companies claim to be the 'first') but no matter how you look at it, it's a Chicago sandwich & it's friggin' delicious! Don't be afraid making this dish, the more you make it, the better you get at the techniques that alter the outcome of your Italian Beef. 

chicago italian beef sandwich


In Chicago the roast is cooked rare/medium rare & sliced incredibly thin. The slices are then finished off in a low simmering gravy & piled onto the sandwich. If you don't have a slicer (as many of us don't) you can make this roast in a crock pot or using the recipe; if you use this recipe simply cook your roast all the way until your temperature is 195-200 degrees so it will shred with minimal effort. Your sandwich won't look exactly like the one below, but still be incredibly delicious!


Italian Beef Sandwich Recipe Chicago Johnnys   

Click on the recipe below to print your own copy of our famous Chicago Johnnys Italian Beef Recipe!

              Italian Beef Chicago Recipe

You can make the "Crock Pot" or "Slow Cooker Italian Beef." If you want to order our Chicago Johnny's Giardiniera from Amazon (Prime) or want to pick up a slicer check out these! I've used a $50 slicer for years & it takes a little more effort but will get the job done!

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Bobby Brown

We love your Italian beef seasoning and Hot Giardiniera and we just reordered. I myself can eat one or two sangwiches a day for a week and they’re still great. However, we can’t find the appropriate and almost necessary Turano or Gonnella high gluten French rolls in our neighborhood. Any ideas? (like maybe you’ll bake them and add them to your product line).


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