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authentic chicago italian beef recipe

Italian Beef Sandwiches started as a more efficient way of serving beef roasts to more people from the same roast. It's origin is highly debated (more likely just unknown, but it's Chicago so a few companies claim to be the 'first') but no matter how you look at it, it's a Chicago sandwich & it's friggin' delicious! Don't be afraid making this dish, the more you make it, the better you get at the techniques that alter the outcome of your Italian Beef. 

*This recipe card is made for an 'authentic' Chicago style Italian Beef sandwich. In Chicago the roast is cooked rare/medium rare & sliced incredibly thin. The slices are then finished off in a low simmering gravy & piled onto the sandwich. If you don't have a slicer (as many of us don't) you can make this roast in a crock pot or using the recipe; if you use this recipe simply cook your roast all the way until your temperature is 195-200 degrees so it will shred with minimal effort. Your sandwich will look more like the one below, but still be incredibly delicious!

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