Aunt Barbara's Pizzelle Cookie Recipe | Italian Pizzelle Cookie Recipe

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So like many people in Chicagoland I grew up eating Pizzelle Citalian pizzelle almond cookieookies during the holiday season. These light, crispy, flaky cookies are some of the most delicious cookies that pair so well with an evening coffee or after dinner sweet. My Aunt Barbara makes them every Christmas Eve when we gather with all of our extended family gathers to celebrate. You will need a specialty iron to make these Italian Cookies, but they are so worth it.

You can click below to order an iron. Keep in mind that irons come in different sizes, some smaller cookies & some larger cookies. You can also use these irons to make Cannoli Shells & Waffle Cones!

You can make these cookies in Almond, Anise, or Vanilla flavor. Vanilla is definitely the most mild flavor, & Anise is the most intense flavor.

Appreciate the support all - Johnny

Click the recipe card to print out a PDF version.

italian pizzelle cookie recipe



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