School Lunch Pizza Recipe

Chicagoland Friday School Lunch Pizza Recipe

I'm not sure if the whole country had this pan pizza on Fridays at school, but it was ever present in Chicagoland. I saw a recipe for this floating around the internet and I thought I'd give it a shot. I altered it slightly to make it easier to make at home, but essentially it's very similar. There are a few things you absolutely need to make this in the nostalgic fashion your grew up with: aluminum baking sheet, whole milk powder, and quick rise yeast. Optionally, grab this 6 pack of school lunch trays so you can add applesauce, canned green beans, tater tots, or that little milk carton! 

You can make this recipe as is, or you can add some of our Hot Giardiniera Relish for zip or our Perfect Pizza Seasoning for a familiar Chicago taste. 

 Download a PDF version of our Chicago School Lunch Pizza Recipe below

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Omit the sausage recipe if you're following Lenten regulations. 


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Hey everyone, sorry about the earlier design of the recipe without measurements, egg on my face. I have updated it

josh downey

I printed your school Friday lunch pizza recipe, which I fun to read and nostalgic, but I can’t prepare it without measurements for the ingredients. I am a big fan of your meatballs recipe and roast beef recipe.

Robert Falkenstein

For the school lunch pizza, there isn’t a list of ingredients and not a list of amounts, can you please email that to me?

Gene Major

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