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Turano French Rolls x 24

Turano French Rolls x 24

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Do You Understand That Your Order Will Ship On The Following Monday for Thursday or Friday Delivery? And I Do Not Refund For Turano As I Do Not Manufacture This Product, I Purchase It From The Store.

SHIPS Monday ONLY unless it's a Holiday week. Orders placed after 8 a.m. central time MONDAY will ship the following week. If you are planning for a HOLIDAY order in advance and freeze as they are often sold out holiday weeks.

All of you Chicago transplants and out of towners, I stop off at the store once a week and ship out Turano with your orders! Two 12 packs of French rolls (24 total) are packed in their own box and shipped with your order. Orders including Turano French Rolls will be shipped Monday-Tuesday only to arrive Friday of the same week. Expiration dates vary, so freezing upon delivery is suggested. Wrap whole package in plastic wrap or use an additional bag to help prevent freezer burn and to make the bread last longer.


When using Turano French from frozen, thaw in fridge, then, open up roll slightly, then throw in an oven at 300 degrees to take off that 'freezer bite' that can occur and give a freshness. Alternatively you can steam them to help them 'freshen up' (preferred method, holds up better to soaking in gravy). 

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