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Minced Hot Giardiniera | Hot Giardiniera Relish

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Chicago Johnny's Hot Giardiniera Relish (Minced Giardiniera)

Hand made in Chicago, our hot giardiniera relish is a spreadable, hot pepper blend with carrots & cauliflower along with a bunch of spices. Traditional Chicago giardiniera is 'diced' where this is giardiniera that is 'minced' to give you a spicy, flavorful spread. 

Use this in lieu of giardiniera when you don't want thick, chunky giardiniera on your sandwiches, pizza, stuffed chicken breasts, et cetera. Some people prefer the small minced style over the larger diced style for certain uses. Really, it's up to you. This relish allows you to spread your heat & flavor over a larger surface area where, you don't have the room to add a larger mix of giardiniera. 

Anyway, I love them both. Hope this doesn't confuse you! If you have questions, get a hold of me.