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gallon of giardiniera in olive oil
chicago beef and pizza with hot peppers
chicago hot peppers
smoked chicago giardiniera

Hot Giardiniera Gallon - Chicago Johnnys

Regular price $38.85 Sale price $34.85

Whether you are getting your best friend a great Chicago gift or looking to bulk up your giardiniera game, this is the best deal for you. A whole gallon of Chicago Johnnys Hot Giardiniera that comes in a gallon ready for all of your sandwich and pizza needs. Equivalent in volume to 8 pints, you save money when you get a gallon. Great for putting on the smoker to make smoked Chicago giardiniera (last picture). 

 *Pictured is glass gallons, but for some reason glass gallons are incredibly expensive right now. Our current batch is in plastic but we hope to get glass for our next batch.