Chicago Style Italian Beef Gift Kit by Chicago Johnnys

Chicago Johnnys

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You love the flavor of a dipped Italian Beef sandwich soaking through wax paper, topped with sweet or hot peppers, maybe even a little cheese (don't tell me how 'not authentic' it is to have cheese on a beef sandwich because that's just a crock of sh*t).  Our Chicago Johnnys Italian Beef Gift Kit is priced for the perfect gift for sharing your Chicago love.

Our Hot Giardiniera, Mild Giardiniera, Sweet Pepper Seasoning (also for great Pepper And Egg Sandwiches), and Italian Beef Gravy Seasoning are nestled in crinkled kraft paper in a white gift box, stamped with the Chicago Johnnys logo and tied off in black ribbon. Made to ship as a stand alone gift to bring a hot, humid Chicago summer smile even on a negative temperature winter night.