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Chicago Johnnys

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Who makes the best Chicago style giardiniera? This Guy!

Chicago Johnny's Artisan Hot Giardiniera is hand packed with olive oil & sea salt in Humboldt Park, Chicago & friggin' delicious! Serrano peppers, carrots, cauliflower & celery in seasoned olive oil. Bold, smoky, & earthy flavor profile. It's what made Chicago Friggin' Delicious! The greatest addition to Italian beef "sangwiches," Italian sausage "sangwiches," cold cut sandwiches, pizza, grilled cheese "sangwiches," & even spice up your all beef hot dog with some hot giardiniera & spiced oil drizzled over the bun!
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*Make your own Italian beef at home without a slice! Make spicy Italian beef by adding 1/2-1 jar of Chicago Johnny's Hot Giardiniera to a slow cooker (crock pot) with a 3-5 lb top, bottom, or round roast with about 1 cup of water, & Chicago Johnny's Italian Beef Gravy Seasoning. Cook it for hours & the roast will shred, so you don't need a slicer!

Chicago Johnnys Hot Italian Beef With Giardiniera