Mild Gallon Of Olive Oil Chicago Johnnys Giardiniera

Chicago Johnnys

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Looking for that olive oil giardiniera? Big love of Chicago peppers? Want to make the best Italian beef sandwich just a little bit better? Grab a gallon of Chicago Johnny's small batch, hand made giardiniera. Made with olive oil and loads of seasonings that turn our oil red in color, Chicago Johnnys Mild Giardiniera has crunch, flavor, and the slightest little 'zip' for your sandwiches, pizzas, pastas, or antipasto platters.

Order a gallon and save on product, each gallon is 8 pint jars worth of giardiniera in one more affordable version. Use leftover oil for dressings, to spice up sandwiches, brushed on grilled cheese instead of butter (oh the crispiness you get from this!)....