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Smash Burger Gift Set
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why is it called smashburger

Smash Burger Making Kit | Crispy Flat Iron Burgers On A Cast Iron Skillet

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Smash Burger Recipe Kit

Making "Smash Burgers" at home is now an option! With this kit you can smash your own patties into crispy, crusty, seasoned friggin' deliciousness! This kit comes with two serving trays, an industrial strength burger smashing spatula with a wooden handle, Chicago Johnny's Smoky Burger Seasoning, instructions on making amazing smash burgers, recipe suggestions, & squeeze bottles for ketchup & mustard. A great gift for father's, mother's, housewarming, summer parties, backyard weddings, or for you!

Classic American Smash Burger | American Diner Burger Recipe

I use the squeeze bottles to hold oil in one & water in the other. I'm not a ketchup & mustard kind of guy when it comes to cheeseburgers but the red & yellow bottles are fun for my guests to look at & help to set the mood.

Serving trays are heavy duty aluminum, & the spatula is more industrial strength than you've probably ever seen. This is a heavy duty kit, because I don't want yous to have anything but the best when it comes to ingredients & supplies. 

Appreciate the support my friends.


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