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South Side Italian Seasoning | Chicago Italian Seasoning

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Our South Side Italian Seasoning was inspired by my childhood growing up with an Italian grandma that grew up in Chicago. My childhood was a great deal of homemade Chicago Italian cooking, & this South Side Italian Seasoning is the base of many of those dishes. I've been making this seasoning since I was a child, about 20 years. I use it in everything from simple pasta dishes with a little butter & olive oil, to rubs on pork roasts & chicken, vegetables, & everything in between. This is not your basic Italian seasoning, this is the real deal.

*Make an amazing vegetarian grilled cheese! Sprinkle some South Side Italian Seasoning on eggplant slices & fry, & on roasted red pepper. Roast some garlic, add some fresh basil, provolone, havarti, & fry your grilled cheese & crust some Romano cheese on top. Chicago Friggin' Delicious!

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