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Dark Alley Hot Sauce. Inspired By The Bold, Broad Shoulders Of Chicago.

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Who makes the best hot sauce? You found it!

Chicago Johnny's Dark Alley Hot Sauce is dark, smoky, & bold like the history of Chicago. Truly a rich sauce that is indescribably smoky delicious & incomparable to other sauces. A subtle heat, Dark Alley Hot Sauce is more flavor than hot. I've had people try a drop of this stuff on a spoon & buy an entire case from that one experience! Scratch made from raw ingredients with vinegar as the only preservative!
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5 oz glass woozy bottle.

*This is a scratch made hot sauce! The only preservatives are red wine vinegar & white vinegar! 

*The spice level on this hot sauce is said to be about a 5 out of 10. This is not for people that love heat, it's for people that love flavor! The fire roasted poblano peppers & portabella mushrooms give a very rich, bold, dark flavor profile! This is a great sauce to use on tacos, pizza, sandwiches, fish, grilled meats, et cetera!