Chiptole Lime Taco Seasoning smoky and spicy

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Our Smoky and Spicy Chipotle Lime Taco Seasoning isn't anything you've experienced before. I didn't want to mock or mimic what already exists, I wanted new, bold, exciting flavor profile. Notes of citrus, smoke, spice, and earthy spices make this the most unique taco seasoning you'll ever have. 

Use on chicken for smoky spicy chicken; you can also shred the chicken for tacos, rice dishes, quesadillas, to serve with beans, or to make bold chicken sandwich.

Mix in with sour cream for a pop of fresh flavor on your tacos or fajitas.

Season black beans with our Smoky and Spicy Chipotle Lime Taco Seasoning for bold flavored rice and beans.

fire roasted poblanos, red peppers, and seasoned rice pictured above