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Chipotle Lime Taco Seasoning | A Smoky Spicy Taco Seasoning

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Why does every taco seasoning taste the same? I have no idea, but you definitely want something different!

(Click Here For Our Chipotle Lime Chicken Taco Dip Recipe)

A hearty flavored seasoning that is phenomenal on pork, beef, & chicken! Make Vegan & Keto tacos with cauliflower or Rice, Beans, & Corn (my favorite combination for vegetarian tacos)! Simply shake our Chipotle Lime Taco Seasoning onto your meat or vegetables the last minute or two of cooking. 

Our Chipotle Lime Taco Seasoning is a medium to medium/hot seasoning. Made to give your tacos layers of flavor that will stand out above any other tacos you've had. Use liberally to make your tacos hot & spicy or take it back a notch to have rich seasoned smoky tacos!

To fortify the flavors of your tacos simply mix in more seasoning into sour cream & add to your tacos or shake on top of your finished tacos. 

If you have a flat top or heavy cast iron, you can rub our taco seasoning on your preferred meat & let sit for 5 minutes. Sear & cook on medium high heat. For best results when making pork, chicken, or beef tacos cut into small pieces so they sear fast & cook quickly.

If you are making cauliflower tacos make sure to coat with some sort of liquid (preferably oil, but water will work), then shake our seasoning onto your vegetables (this will help the seasoning to stick). 

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