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Chicago style pizza kit
Chicago Tavern style pizza kit

Chicago Thin Crust Pizza Kit | Chicago Johnnys Tavern Style Pizza Kit

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It's finally here, make your own Chicago Tavern Style Thin Crust Pizza at home! This kit is how Chicago Johnny makes his thin crust pizza at home. Makes a great gift for you, your friends, your family, or your neighbors that are always talking about their favorite Chicago pizza joints!

Kit comes with a can of crushed tomatoes, Chicago Johnnys Perfect Pizza Seasoning, yeast packet, imported Italian pizza flour, 12" pizza pan, 12" pizza screen (to keep crust crispy), & Chicago Johnnys own thin crust pizza recipe! All you need is water, olive oil (or butter), and cheese!

This makes a great gift for a loved one already knowing how to cook, or that child that has been experimenting with pizzas, even that friendly neighbor that moved away from your northwest side 'hood' & needs to be reminded of what pizza is actually supposed to taste like!

Check out the recipe in our "Recipe" section if you already have a pan & want to make some at home!

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