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Anything At All Seasoning | That's Right. Anything! | Make Great Garlic Bread!

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What do I use everyday for seasoning? This is it. This is my go-to seasoning!

Yes, this is great on everything, just like it sounds! Use it on chicken, salads, soups, meatballs (yes, the best friggin' meatball recipe is on the label!), roasts, pizzas, pastas, sandwiches, tortilla chips... This is my go-to seasoning when I want to make something basic or just want to enhance the flavor of something. Share your ideas & uses with #ChicagoJohnnysEverythingSeas & #ChicagoFrigginDelicious to show off your skills!

*You can make the most amazing friggin meatballs wit' Chicago Johnny's Anything At All Seasoning! Recipe is right on the label!

*You can use this as a base seasoning for everything! Keep a jar above your stove to make eggs, vegetables, on pork chops, steaks, or use it raw on salads or sprinkle on top of a quality hot dog!

what is the best meatball recipe

Make amazing garlic bread by simply sauteeing chopped garlic with olive oil & butter, then add Chicago Johnny's Anything At All Seasoning. Let butter cool, spread on crusty bread, & bake to toast. That's it. That's all I do, & get asked every time someone tries my garlic bread for the first time, "This is amazing, where did you get it?" No one can believe we make it, & no one believes it's this easy.