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Chicago Burger Seasoning - Make A Great Crust On Your Burgers

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How do you make the best seasoned burgers?

Chicago Johnny's Burger Seasoning is perfect for, you guessed it, friggin hamburgers! Shake onto your patties as you grill, fry, or flat top griddle them to make a delicious, flavored crust on your burgers edge. Made to be bold, flavorful, & Chicago Friggin' Delicious! Share your burger recipes on Instagram, Twitter, & Facebook with #ChicagoJohnnys & #ChicagoFrigginDelicious & we might share it! Made with sea salt & spices.

Get fancy wit' dis Fire Roasted Poblano Garlic Asiago Burger!

This recipe takes a little work, but it is possibly the best friggin burger I've ever made! Don't let this process scare you! The most important thing you can do to make your meals better is to take risks & put in the effort.

garlic poblano asiago burger chicagos best burger

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