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Cajun Seasoning. Best Friggin' Cajun Seasoning Ever!

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Chicago Johnny's Cajun Seasoning is a perfected blend I use when I make Jambalaya, Etouffee, Gumbo, Voodoo Chicken, Dirty Rice, Cajun pizzas, even on cold cut 'sangwiches!' I made my own Cajun Seasoning because all of the products I found were way too salty or too spicy with little or no flavor. This is a great seasoning to saute meats in, add to sauces & soups, 'sangwiches,' an all around friggin' amazing seasoning for everything.... "Kinda da best friggin' ting you eva' eat"! Easy Po Boy Recipe: Fry chicken thighs wit' Chicago Johnny's Cajun Seasoning in a pan, trow it on a French roll, add shredded lettuce, sliced tomatoes, pickle slices, mayonnaise (or remoulade) & dust wit' more CJ Cajun Seasoning! Add Chicago Johnny's Dark Alley Hot Sauce for intense flavor!
#ChicagoJohnnys & #ChicagoFrigginDelicious on Twitter, Instagram, & Facebook! Great for Cajun Elote Corn On The Cob! Make cajun chicken tacos with chipotle sour cream for a savory easy meal!

Easy Cajun Taco Recipe!

Cook chicken or fish stove top or in the oven. Just before your chicken or fish is finished cooking, liberally sprinkle Chicago Johnny's Cajun Seasoning on your meat & finish cooking (should be about 2-3 minutes). 

Mix cilantro, lime, & Dark Alley Hot Sauce in sour cream (this is an amazing combination of flavors!) 

Compile your taco with meat, coleslaw (yes! the crunch & the almost bitter coleslaw is friggin' amazing on these tacos!), your sour cream mix, diced tomatoes, & then dust some more Chicago Johnny's Cajun Seasoning on top! 

Best Cajun Taco Recipe

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