Not sure if I'm telling you da truth? Here's some reviews of Chicago Johnny's! I'm telling you, it's quality s*&t! Some honest, down to earth feedback about Chicago Johnny's Products!

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"Best DAMN sausage around! I'm going to get A LOT of flack for saying this... But best I've ever had! This is a family recipe you don't want to miss" - Dave


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We eat the heck out of this giardiniera. I mean, we really eat a lot of this stuff. They use top quality ingredients and mix in bright, fresh, interesting spices that really wake up your taste buds.

First off, we LOVE that Josh Downey (middle name: John aka "Johnny", the creator of Chicago Johnny's) declares the Chicago Johnny's mission is to enjoy life. He talks about doing what makes you happy and says his giardiniera is there to enhance your meals, let you enjoy your good company and make your life easier.

We knew we liked his giardiniera, but now we just really like this dude for what he stands for. He also posts some great recipes from everything from sweetened condensed milk to Italian sausage and Chicago deep dish pizza. This guy loves food and we love him for that.

The spices in this blend give this giardiniera a depth we really covet. Particularly, they use a fresh, high quality blend of garlic, onion powder and paprika that gives this giardiniera a unique twist. The paprika gives it a hearty red tint and a smokey flavor reminiscent of your favorite chili.

It's the real deal. - Joe (Amazon Review)

I've been telling everyone I know about it because it is absolutely the BEST giardiniera I have ever had - Chrissy (Facebook Message)

I am a Chicago Johnny's whore! And damn proud of it! It must be made of angel tears! - Colin (Facebook Message)