Chicago Hot Dog Gift Box

Chicago Johnnys

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This gift box comes nicely packaged already in a stamped gift box with ribbon around it. Great to give to someone or to hoard for yourself!

"Drag It T'rough Da Gahden" with Chicago Johnny's Sweet Chicago Relish, Sport Peppers, and Celery Salt! Start with a steamed poppy seed bun, t'row on a steamed, simmered, or charred all beef dog, squeeze out a squiggle of yellow mustard, then a slathering of sweet relish so neon green it hurts your eyes, a few (two, t'ree) sport peppers, some diced raw white onion, a crisp pickle spear, a couple a tomato wedges..... and a dash or two of celery salt.

The greatness of a Chicago Dog lies in the layering of repetitive flavors. Layers of repeated acid (sport peppers, mustard, pickle, sweet relish), doubling down on bite and heat (mustard, sport peppers, raw onion), and balancing of sweet sweet sweet (sweet relish, tomatoes, pickle) and freshness (tomatoes, onion, and that bright pickle). So that's my take on the Chicago Dog. Pick up a Chicago Dog gift kit for someone you love!