Celery Salt (made with sea salt)

Chicago Johnnys

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You know that pop of flavor at the end when you bite into a Chicago dog? That's celery salt! Finish off your next Chicago dog with Chicago Johnny's Celery Salt (made with sea salt) or use on salads or anywhere you'd normally dash some salt.

This is an 8 fl oz bottle (one cup) filled by weight. Enough Celery Salt here to last you a few lifetimes. Finish your dish with some celery salt to add a dash of robust flavor. 

To make a Chicago Dog start with a poppy seed bun (steamed), all beef hot dog (preferably with casing, but not everyone has access to that), diced white onion, golden yellow mustard, neon green relish, sport peppers, tomato wedges, dill pickle spear, and a dash, two er tree, of celery salt. It's a great flavor profile with acidic bite, fresh crisp and bright elements, sweet from the relish, spice from the mustard and sports, it's just an avalanche of flavor. Highly recommend you try this out because it's hard to describe exactly what is happening when all of these elements come together.