Chicagos Best Giardiniera

Chicago Johnny's Giardiniera is Chicago's favorite hot pepper condiment! Used on Italian Beef Sandwiches ('sangwiches' if you've got a heavy Chicago accent), cold cut sandwiches, pizzas, pastas, antipasto trays.... you name it, we love our giardiniera on it!

Speaking of Italian Beef Sangwiches, they're local to Chicago & they are friggin delicious! You can find one on any main street 'tru out' Chicago or you can make your own wit' Chicago Johnny's Italian Beef Gravy Seasoning (recipe on jar)! 

Top your Beef Sangwich wit' some giardiniera or sweet peppers, but make sure you use a high gluten, heavy bread like Turano or Gonella brand! This is very important if you want a wet (often dipped) sandwich. 

If you haven't tried an Italian Beef yet, you must! 


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